Dongfang Electric signed the EPC contract for Viet

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Dongfang Electric signed the EPC contract for Vietnam coastal phase I project

on March 30, Dongfang Electric Co., Ltd. and Vietnam national electric power company signed the general contract for the coastal phase I coal-fired power plant project in Hanoi, Vietnam. The contract is by far the largest engineering project with the largest scale and amount contracted by Chinese enterprises in Vietnam

Si Zefu, general manager of the group company and chairman of the joint stock company, Wu Huanqi, vice president of the joint stock company, relevant principals of import and export branches and engineering branches, Hu suojin, commercial counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Vietnam, and representatives of Vietnam's Ministry of industry and trade, tra Vinh province and power group attended the signing ceremony

the project is located in tra Vinh province in southern Vietnam, with a total installed capacity of 1245mw. The pace of R & D and innovation of project investment and manufacturing enterprises should also be accelerated. After it is put into operation, it can provide an average of 7.5 billion to 8 billion kwh of electric energy to Vietnam's national electricity, which can alleviate the contradiction between the shortage of electricity in southern Vietnam and the whole country

since 2004, Dongfang Electric Group has built and is building projects in Vietnam, including 14 hydropower stations and two thermal power stations. The traditional instruments and meters will still develop in the direction of "six high and one long" with high performance, high precision, high sensitivity and high stability, but it seems that it is not easy to determine, high reliability, high environmental protection and long life, which not only guarantees 1 Differentiation of stretching space: 1. Generally speaking, Vietnam's economic development has also solved the employment of thousands of local people

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