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Dongfeng Castrol lubricant factory and R & D center broke ground in Wuhan

Dongfeng Castrol lubricant factory and R & D center broke ground in Wuhan

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on November 18, 2020, the commencement ceremony of the "170000 ton/year lubricant factory project" of Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd. was held in Wuhan. Lingjixi of Wuhan Qingshan District government also hoped to develop a modern coal chemical industry base according to the characteristics of its rich coal varieties. More than 200 guests, including Mr. Huo Jiakai, the shareholder and important partner of Dongfeng Castrol and the British Consul General in Wuhan, attended the scene and jointly witnessed the historic moment when the "major project in Wuhan" broke ground. Since its establishment in 2005, Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd. has been fearless of challenges and devoted to research and development. It often checks the tightness of fixture screws to forge ahead. The commencement of this plant project is another landmark in the 15 year history of Dongfeng Castrol's enterprise development. The "170000 ton lubricating oil plant project" with the theme of "forge ahead for 15 years and enter Jiajing" also once again highlights the essence of Dongfeng Castrol's brand

and shows how humidity can improve these properties, forge ahead and strive for perfection

the launch of the commencement ceremony marks that the plant project has entered a new stage, and also lays a solid foundation for the smooth production and efficiency of the project as soon as possible. Dongfeng Castrol factory project is one of the "major projects in Wuhan". The factory covers an area of 97 Mu and the total investment is about 600million yuan. After the commencement ceremony, the construction of the factory and R & D center will be carried out in an all-round way, and it is planned to officially put into production in June 2022

Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd.'s "170000 ton/year lubricating oil factory project" not only plans to establish lubricating oil factories and R & D centers, but also will be equipped with advanced blending equipment, efficient automatic canning lines and intelligent three-dimensional warehouses to ensure efficient supply capacity; In addition, the project will also adopt appropriate scalable design to enhance the flexibility of future production. After completion, the factory will greatly improve the supply capacity of lubricating oil products, further promote technological research and development and product innovation, and set an example for improving the supply and research and development of the automotive aftermarket

the new factory in Wuhan will combine the excellent genes of the two famous brands "Dongfeng" and "Castrol", give full play to the brand advantages and technical accumulation of "Castrol" in the field of lubricants and "Dongfeng" in the field of automobile manufacturing, and continue to be committed to providing more high-quality and efficient products and more comprehensive and satisfactory services for the majority of business partners in the spirit of pioneering and improving, Finally, accelerate the realization of medium and long-term growth goals and corporate vision - become the person in charge of the oil business of Dongfeng Group and the leader of Chinese lubricant brands

pursue excellence and look forward to the future

Mr. Guo Tao, Secretary of the Party committee of Dongfeng Automobile Co., Ltd. and chairman of Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd., affirmed the achievements made by Dongfeng Castrol since its establishment 15 years ago, and expressed his appreciation to the government leaders, shareholders All employees and partners expressed their heartfelt thanks: "With concerted efforts and hard work, we have injected inexhaustible impetus into the development of the company, which is today the most significant stroke in the development process of Dongfeng Castrol. We will draw on the strengths of others and move forward with great strides. We will continue to achieve more breakthroughs with the pioneering spirit and innovative technology, and create new values and experiences for customers, partners, shareholders, employees and society through our excellent products and high-quality services, so as to jointly create a better future Come! "

bp- global vice president and President of Greater China of Castrol lubricants Mr. Zhang Zhiqiang, vice chairman of Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd., also expressed his sincere message at the commencement ceremony: "Castrol and Dongfeng are long-term strategic partners. The construction of the factory marks a new height of cooperation between the two sides, and also helps to significantly improve our competitiveness in the Chinese market. At the same time, the investment in this project once again demonstrates our solid commitment to 'building a sustainable lubricant supply chain'. Castrol will also continue to bring advanced lubricant R & D technology and supply chain management experience to the joint venture , provide better service and experience for our customers! "

Mr. Lu Feng, Secretary of the board of directors of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., general manager of Dongfeng Asset Management Co., Ltd. and director of Dongfeng Castrol Oil Co., Ltd., congratulated on the ground breaking and commencement of the plant project, And full of confidence in the future of Dongfeng Castrol: "the new factory and R & D center will greatly improve our key capabilities such as production and supply guarantee, technology research and development and product innovation. For our customers, especially for Dongfeng and other OEM customers, it will undoubtedly greatly improve their service competitiveness. In the future, Dongfeng Castrol will bring brand-new development and growth, and create better results!"

as one of the major projects in Wuhan, the project has received the attention and support of the Wuhan municipal government and leaders. Secretary of Qingshan District Party committee, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Wuhan Chemical Industry District Mr. Su nibin, director of the management committee, said at the commencement ceremony: "I'm glad to see the successful opening of the Dongfeng Castrol plant project in Qingshan Chemical Industry Park. We look forward to the Dongfeng Castrol project, which is a joint venture between Castrol and Dongfeng, two of the world's top 500 enterprises, to give full play to the strengths of both sides, show the advanced management level in five years, and become a model of safety, environmental protection, and compliance operations in Wuhan. Qingshan Chemical Industry Park will also continue to focus on refining and chemical integration, give play to the advantages of regional intensification, and form shihuaqian Billion plate, to help our enterprise long-term development

professional achievement quality, innovation achievement future. Dongfeng Castrol lubricant plant construction project will rely on Dongfeng Castrol's many years of deep market cultivation and innovative technology to achieve breakthroughs and create an excellent future

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