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Don't miss the environmental protection colored glaze glass of Chenyi glass. Let's learn about it.

with the continuous enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the requirements for building materials are becoming higher and higher. As the leader of architectural glass in China, Hebei Chenyi glass products Co., Ltd. adopts a new generation of lead-free glaze ink to create a new development model of openness, sharing and win-win, and takes the lead in introducing environmentally friendly glazed glass in the industry, so as to reduce the harm of harmful substances to the environment and make glazed glass more beautiful and environmentally friendly; At the same time, in strict accordance with international advanced standards, senior glaze experts and technicians carry out production control to ensure the excellent quality of glazed glass

colored glaze glass is a kind of glass deep-processing product obtained by printing inorganic colored glaze on the glass surface through a wire (or roller) printing machine, then drying and thermal processing, and permanently sintering the colored glaze on the glass surface. Colored glaze glass is rich in color, bright in color, persistent, diverse in patterns, outstanding in decorative effect, and has excellent shading and good sunshine control. It is widely used in architectural decoration and other industries

combining the new generation of environment-friendly colored glaze in the second place with energy-saving Low-E glass, and organically combining the real color of colored glaze with the dynamic reflection color of Low-E glass, can not only further enrich the appearance effect of glass plates used for building external maintenance structure, but also provide additional functions, provide a new choice for the development of energy-saving buildings and architects' unique and diverse design concepts, Provide new materials for the needs of modern urban aesthetic development

Founded in 2015, Hebei Chenyi glass products Co., Ltd. is located in Shahe, the largest glass distribution base in China. It is adjacent to Xingtai and Handan, and close to Beijing Shenzhen Expressway and national highway 107. It has superior geographical location and convenient transportation

Chenyi company is a high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in mirror splicing series, engineering architectural glass, outdoor decorative curtain walls, customized colored glaze printing. It has modern production workshops and advanced production equipment, first-class technical support, strict production management system, excellent staff and diversified products

with the technical support provided by Shahe Glass Technology Research Institute, our company has exhibited how to maintain the tape mechanics tester. We have a technical team based on doctors and masters, based on the forefront of the industry, with distinctive research characteristics, prominent service objects, and close integration with the market, with the goal of improving industrial innovation ability, enhancing industrial core competitiveness and sustainable development ability, What is the effect of glass lubrication on Jinan assaying concrete pressure testing machine? Lubrication plays an important role in concrete pressure testing machine, which is transformed into the leading direction with research and technology

in addition, the company is also equipped with nearly 40 advanced experimental and production equipment, including internationally leading dip tech digital printers, Glaston tempering furnaces, roller kilns, Italian bavaroni full-automatic cutting machines, American ottof CNC ultra-high pressure water cutting machines, air lines, glue lines, bilateral, special-shaped, beveled and other edge grinding equipment. Among them, dip tech digital printer combines the durability of ceramic ink and the diversity of digital printing, and provides an all-round demand across art and function for indoor and outdoor glass printing through the innovation of digital glass printing machine, ceramic ink and software development comprehensive solutions

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