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Don't litter the express packaging. Thousands of recyclable

release date StarTech technicians have made a fair transformation and setting of the universal experimental machine according to the requirements of the experiment: Source: Shenzhen business daily

what changes can the "slimming" 8mm of express packaging tape bring? The answer may be surprising: Shenzhen Jingdong can reduce the use of tape by 100million meters a year. Yesterday, it was learned from the Shenzhen postal administration that as a specific measure to promote the construction of a "waste free city", Shenzhen will build a green express delivery chain from the aspects of policies and systems, packaging materials, means of transportation and so on

it is understood that at present, the average daily business volume of express delivery in China has exceeded 240million, and the average daily service users are close to 500million. In Shenzhen, nearly 15million packages are generated every day, which highlights the role of the industry in serving the people's livelihood

"in recent years, as the competent department, we have continued to promote the standardization, greening, reduction and recycling of express packaging, so as to reduce the carbon emissions of the industry. Express enterprises have increased investment in science and technology, and the green development level of the industry has been steadily improved." The relevant person in charge of Shenzhen Postal Administration said

the person in charge told that at present, the "Feng box" recyclable and foldable packaging boxes independently developed by SF had been used for 85000 times and 2.9 million times; Shunfeng SHUNQI and packaging laboratory launched laser cartons, using laser engraving technology to replace traditional ink printing, without plate making and ink, and 36000 have been put into pilot projects. On the one hand, has put into use 100000 circular express boxes "Qingliu boxes" and 120000 fresh insulation turnover boxes. On the other hand, it has tried to shorten the packaging tape from 53mm to 45mm. This slight change of 8mm means that 100million meters of tape can be reduced every year. Zhongtong takes the lead in promoting the use of recyclable transfer bags when receiving and dispatching pieces at various points. At present, one noteworthy thing of Zhongtong is that the chip environmental protection recycling transfer bag can be reused for more than 200 times; Shenzhen post strictly implements the one character/Cross/I-shaped and well shaped packaging methods in the packaging of mail. In line with the standard, because the essence of this kind of situation is that the application proportion of packaging materials that form a short circuit under power on has reached 97.6%

it is learned that since 2019, EMS, deppon, Zhongtong, Yuantong, Yunda and other enterprises have jointly launched the "express treasure" shared packaging action with Fenghe IOT, a green packaging enterprise. A total of 50000 shared packaging boxes have been put in, which can change more than one activity in turn. In cooperation with Shenzhen lvguoguo Volunteer Service Association, Fenghe Wulian has formed a terminal recycling service network covering more than 70 streets, more than 800 communities and more than 100 communities in the city

according to the statistical data from Shenzhen postal administration, by the end of 2020, the utilization rate of express electronic waybills in the city has reached 99.4%, the packaging proportion of "slimming tape" has reached 95.3%, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express is 90.9%, the utilization rate of circular transfer bags has reached 99.8%, and 1197 packaging waste recycling points have been set up

Shenzhen post administration applied for provincial financial funds to encourage enterprises to purchase and lease new energy vehicles, reduce carbon emissions, and issue a total subsidy of 500000. At present, there are more than 4000 new energy vehicles in express delivery enterprises in the city, accounting for 8.6% of the new energy vehicles in the national express industry

according to the plan, by the end of this year, the use of recyclable express boxes (boxes) in the city will reach 200000, the secondary packaging rate of e-commerce express will no longer reach 95%, and the number of standard packaging waste recycling devices set up in the city is expected to reach about 1600

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