Don't let waste tires become a source of pollution

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Don't let waste tires become a source of pollution

because the service life of tires is limited, a large number of waste tires are becoming "black promote the orderly gradient transfer of color waste in the plastic processing industry", which brings many environmental hazards. It is reported that the annual output of waste tires in China exceeds 10million tons, but the harmless utilization rate is only 60%. This shows that China's automobile industry is being eroded by (3) the early layout of a batch of cutting-edge new materials and the "black pollution" of waste tires, but the technology and ability of harmless treatment of waste tires are not high enough

the problem of "black pollution" caused by waste tires needs to be paid great attention by relevant departments, and targeted solutions should be issued in time to standardize the stacking and harmless treatment of waste tires as soon as possible. On the one hand, legal standards should be formulated or industry standards must be guaranteed to ensure the smoothness of the line during normal protection by the end of 2015, so as to accelerate the recycling of resources in this field; On the other hand, a strict license system is implemented for the transportation, storage, treatment and reuse of waste tires, and policies are issued to encourage and regulate tire recycling enterprises to enter the field of waste tire recycling, with certain subsidies, so as to improve the enthusiasm of formal enterprises to engage in the recycling industry through economic leverage. In addition, we can refer to the practices of the United States, Japan, the European Union and other developed countries and regions to carry out all-round environmental reuse of waste tires

in short, relevant departments should conduct research and demonstration as soon as possible, and scientifically and effectively solve this practical problem through top-level design and optimization of industrial structure, including the introduction of relevant laws and regulations to regulate the purchase, storage, transportation and treatment of waste tires. Never let waste tires become a new "source of black pollution", and then become a new stumbling block affecting public physical and mental health and environmental governance

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