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70 years of struggle, recalling the establishment of Hunan 1970 automobile factory: a new picture of Hunan Automobile Industry

July 16, 1970

in the cheers of employees, Hunan Automobile factory was officially established in Wulipai, Shaoyang City. It is the first state-owned enterprise to produce automobiles in Hunan Province

in September 2019, the sun scorched the cement floor. Standing on the former site of Hunan Automobile Factory, most of the new facades and small buildings were closed. We can only get a glimpse of the past of this land from the side of the automobile kindergarten and the name of the map "automobile community"

at the end of the 1960s, the construction of the third line was in full swing, but there was a shortage of motor vehicles and tight transportation in our province

if you buy a car outside the province, you'd better build it yourself. On the eve of the National Day in 1969, five HQ-140 "Xiangjiang" heavy-duty trucks imitating the "liberation" brand of Changchun No. 1 automobile manufacturing plant were successfully trial produced in Zhuzhou. Subsequently, the trial production of "Xiangjiang brand" cars turned to Shaoyang in an all-round way

at that time, most of the main auto parts were produced in Shaoyang and surrounding areas. The province decided to expand the provincial auto parts factory located in Shaoyang into a provincial auto manufacturing factory (hereinafter referred to as "Huqi")

On July 16, 1970, "Huqi" was officially established. With the beautiful ideal of "building the first automobile manufacturing plant in Chairman Mao's hometown", more than 1000 builders came to Shaoyang dusty

in front of them are several simple small workshops and old machine tools. Drinking pond water, sleeping on the floor and digging earth, the workers took root in Shaoyang, and constantly tried to find ways to land and build factories and raise funds

however, the bigger problem is talent shortage, technology shortage and equipment shortage. Hunan auto parts factory, the predecessor of "Huqi", has only more than 200 employees and can only produce screws for 8 years of scientific research and practice to explore small auto parts such as nuts, pressure plates and brake discs. To this end, the provincial automobile production office has transferred a number of engineering and technical personnel and skilled workers from the Provincial Machinery Bureau and other units. The technology and R & D force in the factory can be enriched by bringing students with maturity and bringing the new with the old

Li Fanglin, who had just turned 20 years old, transferred from the army to work as a lathe worker in the third workshop of "Huqi". After 40 years, he worked from a lathe worker to a factory director. He recalled that due to the lack of key equipment, the car could not be mass produced. The technician used the preparation technology of new motor stator SMC soft magnetic particle core and SMD mount inductance soft magnetic particle core; Preparation technology of soft magnetic materials with high magnetic conductivity, low power consumption and anti electromagnetic interference; High performance shielding material technology and workers use local materials and local methods. "At that time, we were really energetic, taking the factory as our home, regardless of personal gains and losses. We built a simple shed of 300 square meters, and from then on, the sound of trumpets in the shed continued day and night, which was inspiring. Without the frame longitudinal beam roller, we used the existing winch to replace the molding equipment, so as to change the moving speed of the beam; we could not make the vehicle girder; without the oil press casing, we waved the sledge hammer; without the equipment to deal with the surface automotive parts, we Boil oil and caustic soda in a pot... "Li Fanglin said that at that time, the work was hard and the income was not high, but the workers were full of air." there are few cars on the street, but we build cars! "

197 insulator horizontal tension testing machine can be used for the tension of long samples such as various power fittings, drill pipes, steel cables, chains, lifting belts, etc., and is widely used in metal products, building structures, ships, ordnance and other fields. For 0 years, the factory has produced 154 cars

there are many problems with "Xiangjiang brand" cars made by local methods. "Carrying 4 tons of goods, the speed is only 60 km/h, and there are often problems." Li Fanglin recalled that the units that bought cars were all in the province. Once there was a problem, the factory quickly sent people to "after-sales service". After troubleshooting, they still have to go back to the factory to gather personnel to study and improve the vehicle

in addition to their own research, they should also go out to "learn lessons". In 1971, "Huqi" sent more than ten advanced workers to "FAW" to study. They brought the learning results back to "Huqi" and drew inferences from one instance to overcome new technical difficulties

From 1970 to 1978, "Huqi" people designed and built more than 30 large-scale equipment by themselves, which improved the production conditions of the automobile factory. At the same time, with the increase in the number of technicians and skilled workers, the output and quality of Xiangjiang brand cars have gradually increased

Li Fanglin recalled: "in the late 1970s, our car also participated in the national car long-distance test, which can be sold nationwide after being identified and approved by the state."

the establishment of Hunan Automobile factory has written the "first chapter" for the development of Hunan automobile industry. The establishment and development of the plant shows the historical picture of Hunan's automobile industry and is a silhouette of the struggle of Hunan's industrial development

in recent years, the industrial scale of Hunan's automobile manufacturing industry has been expanding, and many mainstream automobile manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Geely, GAC, BYD, BAIC and so on have entered Hunan one after another. The status and image of Hunan's automobile manufacturing industry in the national territory have been further improved, and the new picture created by the new "Huqi" is being opened

the Publicity Department of the Hunan provincial Party committee and the Information Office of the Hunan provincial Party committee guide the new Hunan client product

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