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Don't panic about "power shortage". There are ways to save electricity in robot technology.

the topic of labor shortage continues. The power shortage can't wait to come, and it has the intention of being menacing

people have questioned why there is power shortage in summer before the peak of power consumption? Why did such an embarrassing situation occur during the period of massive power reform? How should enterprises cope with the pressure of power shortage while facing labor shortage? Robots and other technologies in this article may be able to tell you the answer you want

picture source: Southern Metropolis Daily: China industrial control

looking for reasons and results

originated from the analysis and prediction report on the national power supply and demand and economic operation situation in the first quarter of 2011 released by the China electricity Union in mid April. The report said that in the last three quarters of this year, the national power supply and demand situation is tight, especially during the peak summer, the power supply gap may further expand, and the gap is expected to be about 30million kW, or even greater

with the release of this news, the information about power shortage has been confirmed one after another in several fixed gears at each frequency, and power rationing has occurred in Chongqing, Hunan, Anhui and other places; Zhejiang, Guizhou, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangxi and other places implement staggered peak power consumption; However, from the traditional coal shortage provinces such as Qinghai, Hubei and Hunan in the central and western regions to the large coal producing provinces such as Shanxi, Shaanxi and Henan, there have been coal shortage downtime

at present, Zhejiang Province has formulated a strict and orderly power consumption plan, and a large number of enterprises have to face power limitation measures in the form of opening three limits one and stopping two every week. Zigzag experiments are often used in production to evaluate the zigzag strength and plastic deformation of materials. In addition, Hunan is the area with serious power shortage this year. According to an insider of CSR, at present, some electric locomotive plants of the group in Hunan have limited power, and those plants with poor efficiency and high power consumption have shut down

is the situation really so serious? Some experts said that not all regions are short of electricity, for example, there is a power shortage phenomenon in Inner Mongolia. Zhou Haiyang, an engineer of Guodian Power Economic Research Center, believes that the reason for the power shortage this year is related to the unreasonable industrial policy and industrial structure. He explained that last year's statistics showed that in the demand for electricity, residential electricity, social electricity and agricultural tertiary industries accounted for 30%, while industrial electricity accounted for 70%. Among the industrial power consumption, the manufacturing industry accounts for the majority, and the demand has increased by 12%. The power consumption demand of non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals and other industries has increased by more than 20%. Chemical industry and building materials have become major power consumers. Some experts also said that the main reason for the power shortage this year is not only the strong demand for electricity and the low concentration of industries in some regions, but also the lack of hydropower. The main reason is that the electricity price mechanism is not straightened out. The market-oriented coal price continues to rise, causing the power generation cost of thermal power enterprises to rise, but the electricity price regulated by the government remains unchanged. The more power generation, the more losses thermal power enterprises make, and their enthusiasm for production is hit. In some places, thermal power enterprises shut down due to lack of coal or in the name of maintenance, and the production capacity of most thermal power provinces has not been brought into full play

electricity shortage, don't panic,

enterprises let electricity be available to the people. I have a way to save electricity.

in the face of power shortage, enterprises in Zhejiang Province have taken countermeasures. Some enterprises have moved robots to the production workshop assembly line to replace manual work, which not only saves manpower, improves production efficiency, but also saves a lot of electric energy

in the LED workshop of Tianle group, there are three workers working tirelessly. These are German KUKA manipulators introduced by Tianle group. It is also Tianle group's first application of intelligent robots to LED display screens. "He Minghui concluded that in the production field, the action of intelligent robots is precise and meticulous. In the production workshop, the intelligent robot production line and manual assembly line are carrying out the same work. There are more than 20 workers in this manual assembly line, while only four workers in the intelligent production line. Energy saving effect is obvious

in Yongqiang folding chair workshop, three welding robots replaced the original five manual production lines. Zhang Hong, the workshop director, said that in the same time, the output value of a welding robot increased oneortwo times compared with a manual assembly line. Not only that, the more important thing is to save electricity. In one hour, each robot uses 2 per hour. 2 degrees of electricity, a manual welding is at 2. About 5 degrees

Zhang Hong said that now there is a general power shortage in the province, and all regions have taken measures to limit power to the people. In order to ensure the normal production of the enterprise, Yongqiang group has invested 45 million yuan to improve the equipment. At present, the enterprise has eight welding robots put into production in the workshop, and the other two robots are still being debugged. They will also work in a few days to make power available to the people

in another company, what is busy with work is the newly added robot of this company, a high-strength aluminum alloy manipulator, which can grasp 400 kilograms of feed at a time, and can move freely from front to back, left to right, up and down, without air conditioning, and can work normally at minus 10 degrees or 45 degrees. The person in charge of the enterprise told us that the robot works 24 hours a day and only uses electricity 6 hours an hour. 5 degrees, which can help enterprises a lot in times of power shortage

Postscript: in addition to robots, some enterprises use solar cells, transformers, frequency converters and other measures to save energy and electricity. The electricity shortage is still spreading. What is the government's attitude? On the afternoon of May 30, the national development and Reform Commission announced that 15 provinces and cities across the country would raise the sales electricity price from June 1. The electricity price adjustment will be implemented from June 1. It is reported that the residential electricity price will not be increased, and the increase involves industrial, commercial and agricultural users. In addition, the national development and Reform Commission will require all localities to clean up preferential electricity prices for high energy consuming industries, and strictly supervise the price rise of coal enterprises to ensure the orderly coordination of overall power consumption. (text/may)

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