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Fresh milk ban will be suspended fresh milk will return to the Jianghu

the long lost "fresh milk" in Shenyang market may come back. Recently, it was reported that "a new national standard will be implemented on June 1, and the milk 'fresh milk ban' implemented since October 1 last year will be suspended." Lugechuan, President of Liaoning Dairy Association, believes that whether the price of "fresh milk" will rise because of this depends on the recognition of Shenyang people

fresh milk will seize the high-temperature milk market

relevant experts believe that if the "fresh ban" is cancelled, pasteurized milk with the "fresh" sign will have a market battle with high-temperature milk, which has occupied 70% of the dairy market by virtue of its long-term preservation and relatively cheap advantages, and the pattern of Shenyang dairy market will also change

lugechuan told that at present, they have not received a specific document notice, but there was an important meeting of the National Dairy Association in mid May, and I don't know whether it was related to it

according to him, the "fresh milk ban" has always been the focus of debate. The so-called "fresh food ban" refers to the implementation of the general principles for the labeling of prepackaged food and the guidelines for the implementation of national standards for food labeling issued by the National Standardization Administration Committee and the National Technical Committee for the standardization of the food industry since October 1 last year. The document stipulates that the name "fresh milk" can no longer be used on the outer packaging of dairy products in China, but standard names such as "sterilized milk (milk)" and "pasteurized milk (milk)" must be used

according to the relevant personage of Liaoning Dairy Association, at present, there are mainly two kinds of liquid milk that consumers drink: "pasteurized milk", which is the raw milk that is heated for a long time below 80 ℃. The shelf life of this kind of milk is generally 7 days, and it needs to be refrigerated. The nutrition of this kind of milk is well preserved. This kind of enterprise 5 corrosion and wear industry is represented by local enterprises, Shanghai Guangming, etc; "Normal temperature milk", after instant thermal sterilization at 137 ℃, can be stored at normal temperature. The storage period is about half a year. It is convenient and safe to transport, represented by Yili and Mengniu in Inner Mongolia

due to the advantages of long-term preservation and relatively low price, high-temperature milk accounts for 70% of the market share of the domestic dairy industry, all pasteurized milk enterprises can only make a big fuss on the word "fresh" and struggle to maintain a world. A sales director of a dairy company believes that the implementation of the "fresh ban" has made "pasteurized milk" without the "fresh" sign, and the enterprise has suffered a fatal blow

local dairy manufacturers will have a great increase in opportunities

if the "fresh food ban" is equivalent to the construction of four less large-scale fertilizer plants, it will have a certain impact on the market pattern of Shenyang dairy industry, and the urban dairy industry will benefit the most. Local dairy manufacturers also have a good opportunity to produce "pasteurized milk", and short-distance transportation is also superior to manufacturers in foreign countries after the 1980s. In addition, it is also conducive to further differentiated market segmentation of dairy products. In the future, fresh milk, constant temperature milk, reduced milk, milk containing beverages, yogurt, etc. will form different attention to engineering and industrialization, with little price, attracting different consumers

as for whether the abolition of the "fresh food ban" will increase the price of "pasteurized milk", President Lu believes that it also depends on the recognition of the people. Now many citizens do not know what "pasteurized milk" is

as for the possibility of fresh milk coming back into the Jianghu, a nutrition expert from medical university raised his concern that the real "fresh" milk refers to the milk squeezed from cows and sold directly after disinfection, and it is considered "fresh" within 6 hours. However, many milk products marked as "fresh milk" on the market before the "fresh ban" simply failed to meet the "fresh-keeping" requirements

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