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Fresh milk logo on the road "fresh milk" redefines

"dystocia", "stranding" and other industry doubts seem to have not shaken the persistence of China Milk Association and several local milk associations in promoting fresh milk logo. On October 10, Wang dingmian, the "main vanguard" of China's fresh milk labeling program, the vice president of Guangdong Milk Association, said in an official interview with, that he did not agree with the statement that "fresh milk weighing only 10.7g is suspected to be stranded in Yantai". He claimed that the fresh milk labeling promotion program is still in progress in an orderly manner

it is also learned from the industry that the international paper industry is about to form an alliance with Yantang in Guangzhou and Sanyuan in Beijing, marking that the fresh milk labeling plan jointly operated by the China Milk Association and relevant local milk associations has been quietly launched this year. In fact, most people will overlook a very important price factor in the procurement process. Unlike 2003, the low-key launch of the milk Association in the central city has replaced the previous large-scale public bidding for normal temperature milk

specific actions of fresh milk logo of Dairy Association secretaries

following the "Yantai meeting", the China Dairy Association held a meeting in Shanghai on September 28 to discuss specific actions related to the management of fresh milk logo. However, it was strange that when calling the Guangdong Dairy Association and the Guangzhou dairy management office that day, he learned that Wang dingmian had not left Guangzhou for Shanghai

the day before yesterday, Wang dingmian confirmed that this meeting was indeed held on the 28th of last month. When explaining that he did not go to Shanghai, he said that "the forms of attending the meeting are diverse". This is the third special study of the China Milk Association on the fresh milk labeling plan, but the contents and specific actions of the Shanghai fresh milk labeling meeting strictly abide by the meeting discipline and refused to disclose to the public

the role of international paper industry in "fueling the flames" is clear

different from the closed door operation of China Milk Association and relevant local milk associations to promote the fresh milk identification plan, the packaging supplier of fresh milk, international paper industry, has a much clearer stance

on October 11, insiders learned that international paper's efforts to win over China's dairy allies can achieve 3D printer capabilities in six different states. In the middle of this month, international paper and Guangdong's Yantang dairy will officially form a strategic alliance to lay the first piece of fresh milk packaging in Guangzhou, the central city of southern China

according to insiders, the alliance between Beijing's Sanyuan dairy industry and international paper industry has also been put on the agenda, which shows that the role of international paper industry, which has been secretly playing a role in the fresh milk labeling action, has suddenly become clear

Dairy Association said that the concept of fresh milk needs to be redefined

insiders confirmed that normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk had been at peace before, but since the fresh milk labeling plan that excluded normal temperature milk from fresh milk was secretly released, the dairy industry has virtually divided into two factions: normal temperature milk and pasteurized milk


these two factions have different association backgrounds. Pasteurized milk faction relies on China Dairy Association, while normal temperature milk faction relies on Dairy Association, so it is inevitable that they will not agree with each other. Even if Guangzhou is about to launch the fresh milk logo after Shanghai and Chengdu, the China Dairy Association still refuses to agree with the concept of fresh milk of the China Dairy Association

song Kungang, chairman of the China Dairy Association, said, "it's not appropriate for us to make irresponsible remarks about what enterprises say. But it's certain that the concept of 'fresh milk' needs to be re discussed by industry experts." Although song thought that the discord between the two associations was "a misunderstanding", he made it clear that "our (dairy) association does not care about this matter (fresh milk logo)."

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