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Mold CPC architecture and function analysis (Part 2)

3 Information structure of mold industry portal

mold industry portal, the important key technology is the organization of industry information, and the corresponding information search engine. Therefore, it is necessary to establish corresponding mold data markets for different mold types; In each mold data market, corresponding mold variety reference models are established for different mold varieties. This reference model can be regarded as a virtual mold product model. Li Gongqian, a Chinese housing industry promotion center with this kind of mold Institute, also has the same view and common characteristic information. Its purpose is mainly to facilitate customers to define mold requirements. Secondly, we need to define the advantage resource model of mold manufacturing enterprises. This model mainly reflects the core advantages and capabilities of enterprises. On this basis, search engines can match the needs of customers and the capabilities of manufacturing enterprises according to the types and varieties of molds

the following main functions can be completed through the mold industry portal:

according to the type of mold required by the customer, the customer will find the manufacturer of the required mold for the mold customer, and then the customer will release the characteristics of the required mold, the delivery date, the wet air in the atmosphere will penetrate into the box and other information in the form of demand information to these manufacturers for bidding. The client will receive the corresponding bid and continue to negotiate the bid

find partners for mold members according to the mold types produced by mold members and their own capabilities. And provide support for the operation of dynamic alliance

provide mold making equipment information for mold members, including equipment type, model, performance parameters, and manufacturer, and can directly establish contact with relevant manufacturers

provide mold design standard information for mold members: including mold standard parts library, mold equipment standards, mold standard vocabulary, mold standard material performance parameters, etc

provide cad/cam/cae software manufacturer information for mold members

4. Function analysis of mold enterprise portals

the business process of mold customer ordering process mainly revolves around the mold customer's upper sales system. It mainly includes: mold ordering, customer production monitoring, delivery acceptance and after-sales service modules

order on mold: it includes mold demand description, inquiry and quotation, order placement and other links

mold demand Description: there are two kinds of customer demand for molds, namely, conventional molds and special-shaped molds. For conventional molds, pictures and shapes of various types and models of molds (or molded parts) can be displayed on the for customers to choose; For special-shaped molds, customers can fill in the demand form and attach the shape pictures of relevant products

inquiry and quotation: after the customer submits the mold demand description to the relevant mold member, the m_ MRPII system will run the mold quotation system, extract the mold characteristics, and give the price and delivery date acceptable to mold members. The customer negotiates the price according to the quotation results, and the mold quotation system will make a counter-offer. If the customer is still not satisfied with the lowest price and the shortest delivery period acceptable to the mold members, the negotiation will be declared bankrupt, otherwise it is expected to enter the ordering stage

place an order: when the customer and the mold member reach an agreement on the price and delivery date of the required mold, they will fill in the mold order. The order includes two forms: regular mold order and special mold order

customer's production monitoring: mainly refers to the customer's monitoring of the production progress of the ordered mold; Review the design drawings of special-shaped mold

production progress monitoring: customers can directly query the production plan of ordered molds and the current implementation through the network. And can raise objections and require mold member enterprises to modify the adjustment plan. For regular mold customers, mainly query the supply plan; For special-shaped mold customers, query the project network planning

review of design drawings: customers can consult the drawings of the ordered special-shaped molds through the Internet, and can annotate and circle them directly on the drawings

picking up and acceptance: customers can directly query the picking up notice on, and can contact the corresponding mold members to determine the delivery method according to their needs; After the delivery and inspection, the customer can fill in the acceptance form through the network

on after-sales service: including customer 1. In general, users of 2 (5) sets of spare variable speed gears put forward after-sales service needs, and mold member enterprises give service notification and customer feedback

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