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Fresh beer cleaning and filling machine

the fresh beer cleaning and filling machine recently launched by Qingdao Shuangyin technology incubation Co., Ltd. is a model that combines the ball head, ball seat machine and filling machine during the fresh beer cleaning. The working efficiency of qx2000-ii cleaning and filling machine is greatly improved, and the price is very low compared with imported machines

this model adopts computer program control. It is mainly designed and manufactured for the current domestic fresh beer manual cleaning, low filling efficiency, high labor intensity, easy to produce secondary pollution and other problems. The whole cleaning process and this feeding trial 1 can solve the problem of the enterprise's submission for inspection. The project investment of the car is 340.6 million yuan. CO2 pressure preparation and wine outlet mouth cleaning can be completed automatically. There is no dead corner in cleaning, sterilization is complete, and cleaning and filling are combined into one, which saves labor and improves work efficiency, The frame, box and pump are made of stainless materials, with beautiful appearance. At the same time, this series of products can also be equipped with high-tech achievements - ozone sterilization and steam devices to improve the cleaning effect

the cleaning and filling machine has been highly praised by experts and welcomed by users as soon as it came out recently. Customers in Shandong, Beijing, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shaanxi, Sichuan and other places have called or come to purchase

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