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French start-up algolia built a data center in Singapore for "100ms"

database real-time search service provider algolia revealed to 36kr that they had selected Singapore to establish a new data center for the opening of the Japanese high-performance plastics and film exhibition, and took this opportunity to officially enter the Asian market

algolia, previously reported by 36kr, is a French start-up company committed to providing users with millisecond database search services. 7.2.2 type inspection items include all items in the technical requirements. Previously, with the help of algolia's powerful language support function, algolia has served global customers, but different from algolia's original intention of reaching a feedback time of less than 100ms, it comes from some countries in Asia. When using its services, the feedback time is often between 200 and 300ms

in order to achieve the goal of 100ms, after considering many alternative address creep testing machines, algolia decided to build a new data center in Singapore, so that most customers in Asia and Oceania can obtain 100ms real-time search services

the location of Singapore brings faster services and higher prices. Previously, algolia's monthly fee was divided into three levels of $49/$149/$449, while the monthly fee for using the new data center was increased to $74/$229/$699 (it's more expensive anyway!)

it is particularly worth mentioning that algolia did not plan to establish several acid resistant bricks gb/t8488 ⑵ 001 in Asia so early. However, after the 36kr report, algolia obtained a large number of customers from China, and in the past few months, the growth rate of customers from China was even higher than that of Canada, so algolia felt it was time to expand its business in Asia. Interested children's shoes can see the details on their blog

at present, algolia has provided services to users in more than 15 countries around the world. After opening more data centers, they can gain more users in Asia

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