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Analysis of dangerous and harmful factors in gas stations

gasoline and diesel substances have dangerous and harmful characteristics, such as flammability, explosiveness, volatility, easy diffusion and fluidity, electrostatic charge accumulation, toxicity, etc. due to the large amount of gasoline and diesel substances stored and sold in the business process of gas stations, gas stations have greater fire and explosion hazards and poisoning hazards

especially for fire and explosion accidents, once they occur, they will not only cause casualties and damage to equipment and facilities in the gas station, but also seriously threaten the residents and environment around the gas station, resulting in greater casualties, property losses and social impact

main causes of fire and explosion accidents in gas stations:

1. Illegal operations during refueling, unloading and measuring

it plays a decisive role in industrial development. 2. The leakage and spread of flammable substances such as gasoline are caused by factors such as corrosion and cracking of equipment or pipelines and imperfect safety facilities

3. There is an ignition source to cause combustion

4. Oil vapor is heavier than air. After leakage, it is easy to accumulate around the observation port of the oil tank, underground pipe ditches, low-lying areas, etc. in case of air mixing, it reaches the explosion limit and forms explosive gas. Once there is a fire source, explosion accidents can occur

the main possible forms of ignition sources in gas stations are:

1, lighters, matches and other open flames

2. Non explosion proof equipment, electric spark, automobile engine, spark, etc

3. Electrostatic discharge, lightning discharge, metal friction spark

4. Lightning protection, anti-static grounding failure, etc

analysis of potential accident possibility in gas station operation

main potential accidents in three dangerous areas: oil storage tank, fuel dispenser, oil unloading point:

hypothetical fixtures that may cause fire and explosion are divided into parts according to structure:

1, gasoline leakage

2, oil vapor accumulation

3, lightning protection grounding system failure

4, refueling vehicle is not flamed out

5, fuel dispenser has no electrostatic grounding or grounding failure

6 Use of non explosion-proof equipment

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7, electric leakage of electrical equipment

8, corrosion and aging of equipment and pipelines

9, presence of open fire source

10, illegal operation

possible conditions for leakage accidents:

1, corrosion and aging of equipment and pipelines

2, operation violation of regulations

3, control failure

electrical injury

all kinds of electrical equipment in gas stations can be caused by electrical equipment and line, connection, switch defects Failure of protective grounding device or operation error and illegal operation with good maintenance effect may cause electrical injury and fire and explosion accidents

poor daylighting

if the daylighting of the gas station does not meet the relevant specific requirements, insufficient daylighting may cause operators to misoperate and cause various accidents

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