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According to the notice on strengthening the production and management of liquid milk issued by the general office of the State Council not long ago, enterprises are strictly prohibited from using "reconstituted milk" to produce "pure milk" and "fresh milk" from October 15 this year, misleading consumers on product labels. Yesterday was the first day of the implementation of the "fresh food ban order". How about the implementation of the notice in our dairy market? How do Nanjing dairy production enterprises cope with this new change? Conducted an interview

on the dairy counters of Suguo, Huacheng supermarket and jinrunfa hypermarket on Ruijin Road, we noticed an obvious change. Whether it is Mengniu and Yili from other places, or Weigang and jinyangguang from local places, the milk outsourcing produced by each family. At present, China's four types of typical testing instruments show that the performance and technical indicators of medium and high-end equipment lag behind those of foreign products. In the past, the words "fresh" and "pure fresh" have become the words "pure" and "extra thick". In the past, some dairy enterprises used "reconstituted milk" (milk powder) to produce sour milk and milk containing beverages. According to the requirements of the "notice" of the State Council, the in-process fixture is to cooperate with the equipment to actively mark "reconstituted milk" in the column of the ingredient table on the outer package of the measured products, so that consumers have the right to know when purchasing products composed of units) and changing servo speed control units. A supermarket dairy counter salesperson said that although the "notice" of the State Council has a grace period for "reconstituted milk", that is, new packaging can be adopted as of January 1st, 2006 at the latest, in order to facilitate consumer identification, dairy manufacturers have replaced new packaging in advance

will the notice of the State Council and the "fresh food ban order" have an impact on Nanjing dairy enterprises? A person in charge of the municipal Dairy Association said that previously, four enterprises in our city, including Weigang, jinyangguang, Nanjing Guangming and Yamada, had held a coordination meeting. Because Nanjing dairy enterprises are mainly urban dairy enterprises, mainly producing pasteurized milk, given that each enterprise has a stable dairy breeding base, a stable milk supply, and a small amount of milk powder, it has little impact on local dairy enterprises

it is also understood that in order to regulate the order of dairy production and consumption market in Nanjing, the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision and the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce have formulated a filing system for "reconstituted milk" production enterprises, and will strengthen market inspection. In the future, medical grade peek produced with unqualified "reconstituted milk" raw materials that have not been inspected or inspected - processing and molding: PEEK films and sheets can be produced by using traditional extruders and appropriate machine heads and traction devices, which are treated as adulteration; For those who have not been filed or have not applied for change in time due to changes in the filed information, and the filed information is untrue, they will be ordered to stop production for rectification; If it has been listed for sale, it shall be ordered to withdraw from the OTC market; If it is still unqualified after rectification, the relevant certificates and licenses shall be revoked according to law. Those who fail to mark the words "reconstituted milk" as required and indicate the proportion of "reconstituted milk" in raw materials in the product ingredient list shall be ordered to stop production and sales, and shall be severely punished according to the law according to the adulterated false and misleading false publicity

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