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Analysis of digital printing of corrugated board

always, when the cross-section of corrugated boxes increases, the printing method is mainly offset printing, followed by flexographic printing. However, both printing methods have their shortcomings. The investment cost of both is high, and a plate must be prepared before printing to print the image on the substrate, and the price of this plate accounts for a large proportion of the whole operation cost. In recent years, digital printing has brought an impact on these two printing methods

the process of digital printing is the process from computer to paper or printed matter, which does not need any intermediary simulation or carrier intervention, and the information of printed matter is 100% variable information, that is, the two adjacent printed matters can be completely different, and they can have different formats, contents, sizes, and even different materials. Shanghai self-adhesive printing, but the printing quality is at least equal to the traditional printing technology, Much higher than printing technology. Therefore, on-demand, timeliness and variability are the characteristics of digital printing. In addition, the investment cost of general digital printing machines is lower than that of traditional offset printing or flexographic printing, which we began to export to the U.S. market last year. The research on experimental machines has always been the first 40% - 50%

Sai angel, who has always been making calligraphy and painting engraving and printing machines, saw the potential of packaging printing and digital printing, so he launched a digital printing machine specializing in printing corrugated paper in 2003. Gan Aishi, the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager of the company, said that China's calligraphy and painting printing market, such as large spray painting and advertising boards, has become saturated in recent years; At the same time, they also saw the rapid development of China's packaging industry, so they developed this printing machine for the packaging industry, corjet However, due to the automatic direct printing of the machine, there will be different production and ink drying speeds. At present, the best effect is to print corrugated board. They also continue to improve the printing effect of other substrates

although saiangel has entered the packaging industry for a short time, they are very optimistic about the development prospect of this industry. However, Gan Aishi pointed out that there are still certain challenges to face in the future. First, it is to change the thinking of Chinese users using traditional printing methods, so they will hold more seminars in the coming year to guide users; The second is plagiarism. However, she believes that if some unique technologies can be added to the imitation of the printing press, it is also a way to improve the machinery

corjet is characterized by digital liquid transmission of ink. Thousands of nozzles simultaneously spray highly repetitive droplets at an ultra-high speed of 25000 droplets/nozzle/s. The production speed of 15000 droplets/nozzle/s has been shown in the laboratory of Shanghai printing factory. The water-based environmental friendly ink series is used, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, water resistance, UV resistance and so on

the on-demand drop ink print head developed by aprion has considerable flexibility. Experiments have proved that this type of print head is superior to other inkjet technologies in terms of working speed, service life and ink compatibility. The above advantages make it especially suitable for industrial applications and other application fields

compared with other inkjet technologies, the aprion on-demand drop inkjet print head has many advantages over the determination method of Jinan testing machine, mainly including:

1) compared with continuous inkjet, this print head has the characteristics of better quality and higher reliability

2) compared with thermal inkjet, the print head can be compatible with a wider range of ink formulations; It can enhance the control of ink dripping amount and ink supply speed (poor control will affect the image quality); Longer service life; High viscosity inks can be used

compared with traditional printing machines, digital printing machines based on this technology have faster speed, lower cost per page and competitive advantages. With? With the development of technology, the printing quality and speed will reach a higher standard. Gan Aishi said that in fact, CORjet can be used not only for corrugated board, but also for printing other materials

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