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Fresh keeping packaging technology improves the value of agricultural products (Part 1)

1 fresh keeping packaging technology is an urgent problem in the field of agricultural products

fresh keeping packaging of agricultural products is an important means of postpartum value-added of agricultural products

how to effectively transfer agricultural products from the place of origin to the place of processing or consumption, and realize the protection of quality and quantity during the transfer or storage period, all need scientific and practical preservation and packaging technology. Farmers or agricultural product processing enterprises in many places lack reliable preservation technology, which leads to serious losses and dampens the enthusiasm of agricultural product production and management to a great extent. In addition, with the advent of market globalization, the agricultural product market is more and more, and the demand side is more and more bullish. It spans more and more regions, and the competition is more and more intense. In this situation, in order to remain invincible in the field of agricultural products and bring better economic benefits to operators, advanced and reliable fresh-keeping packaging technology must be supported. Therefore, many developed countries in the world have given support and guidance in many aspects in the preservation and processing of agricultural products. Put the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products in an important position for scientific and technological investment

since China joined WTO, the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products is 1 Fulfillment standard: hg2369 (9) 2gb/t17200 (1) 997 has become an important guarantee for whether agricultural products can enter the market. The technological lag in the preservation and processing of agricultural products has seriously affected the competitiveness of China's agricultural products market. Breaking through the difficulties related to the preservation and fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products has become an urgent problem in the leading city of agricultural products

2 problems in the research of fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products

in many technical research fields, the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products is a highly applicable technology that covers a wide range of areas. The quality of its technology is an immediate technology. Therefore, the research on fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products depends on a single knowledge, and personal thinking is far from enough. I have to mention here that my colleague and good friend Mr. Jing Hong, former deputy county head of rongling County, Hunan Province, and now an associate professor of Hunan Metallurgical vocational and technical college, as early as six years ago, we worked together to promote the processing and utilization technology of agricultural products (the project of the Department of science and technology of Hunan Province) in five counties (rongling, Liling, Pingjiang, Guidong, Rucheng) in the Jinggangshan region of Hunan Province, and successively visited many clothing, food processing plants, vegetable oil plants, ginger Garlic storage and processing enterprises and fruit planting, storage, transportation and processing enterprises carried out investigation and experiment. At that time, they solved the preservation of a kind of navel orange coated with breathable packaging, which made many farmers get rid of poverty and become rich. By 1998, Chaling county also announced to get rid of poverty. Therefore, in a sense, the research on the fresh-keeping packaging technology of agricultural products must be "two ends outside, the newspaper base inside", "two ends outside" means that the mind is outside and the problems should be in the interests of farmers and enterprises. While "base reporting" refers to specific experiments, and seeking the theoretical basis of the problem requires detailed and boring analysis and experiments in the laboratory. In particular, a lot of experimental work should be done to simulate the environmental parameters of agricultural products

at present, there are two aspects of technical problems and research methods in the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products in China

2.1 technical problems existing in fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products

fresh-keeping packaging has a history of expansion to the current situation. Many processes and skills come from high-end film blowing quality, which has won the favor of high-end commodity packaging. Moreover, many processes cannot be explained in mechanism. This has a lot to do with our long-term focus on prenatal and neglect of postpartum

there has been a long-term lack of research on fresh-keeping packaging technology of agricultural products, and the lack of technology has seriously restricted the development of fresh-keeping packaging industry. At present, the research of a large number of research institutions in China on the fresh-keeping industry is also mostly limited to the research of cold storage and fresh-keeping controlled atmosphere storage, but it is difficult to promote controlled atmosphere storage in the mountainous areas with many varieties and complex terrain in southern China. In particular, the research on fresh-keeping packaging for circulation is still a blank spot. To sum up, the lack and lag of fresh-keeping packaging technology and its theory make some local products with market competitiveness unable to be fresh-keeping and cannot be circulated over a long distance. Here are some examples in this regard:

(1) the packaging technology of Bayberry and other products cannot be guaranteed.

the fresh-keeping packaging technology of bayberry is seriously lacking. As a result, this popular fruit with high nutritional value cannot enter the large market. Similar to the fresh-keeping packaging of ginger, lotus root, water chestnut and other agricultural products

(2) chestnut preservation technology is not qualified

chestnut preservation packaging technology can not meet the development needs of this industry. At present, many places take advantage of the advantages of producing areas and take the development of chestnut as the focus of local adjustment of agricultural industrial structure. However, the fresh-keeping packaging of chestnut has been perplexing the development of this industry, and the problems of fresh-keeping packaging of chestnut are reflected in the internal insect and mildew

(3) the problem of fresh-keeping of edible fungi is prominent

the problem of fresh-keeping packaging of edible fungi is very prominent. The preservation of natural wild mushrooms and artificially cultivated high-temperature mushrooms (such as straw mushrooms) in edible fungi has been a mystery that people (planting producers) have been trying to overcome for many years. They autolyse and grow worms in 2 to 3 days

there are too many problems in this regard, so I don't list them one by one. We can only think deeply. However, the achievements in this field are common in newspapers, and too few can really solve practical problems, but many fail in industrial application

(4) there are many related technical standards and related technical problems.

at present, compared with developed countries, the production of agricultural products in China lags far behind. In particular, the lack of corresponding technical standards, the lack of standard products will also bring a lot of trouble to their packaging. For example, the color standard, hardness standard, picking period standard and ingredient inspection standard of agricultural products are closely related to the later fresh-keeping packaging technology. Therefore, there are many problems in the fresh-keeping packaging of agricultural products. Such as color preservation, crispness preservation, flavor preservation, quality protection from origin to supermarket or to consumers, etc. These are the key issues that restrict the upgrading of agricultural products

(to be continued)

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