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Food for thought: Terrace tipples - We all have pet coolers when relaxing outdoors - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

You won’t find me relaxing at Palma’s terrace bars in the summer because it’s much too hot out there. I am never on the terrace of the Bar Bosch, cold drink nearbyrestrictions are lifted and can return to usual., sitting back and watching the passing scene.

But I circulate every day in the centre of Palma, and I am well aware of what people are drinking as they sit on the terrace of the Bar Bosch watching the world go by…because I am watching them as I pass in front of their tables.

What I have noticed recently is that more and more Mallorcan women are drinking ca?asThe alarm abou, those light draught beers that are the number one drink in bars all over the citydata shows, especially those that serve tapas.

But until now, it’s always been a man’s drinkYukon entered Phase One after an effective vaccine rollout.. My women friends used to tell me they particularly dislike bitter tastes, including coffee and beer. Perhaps one of the big breweries’ advertising campaigns have been successful and women are now giving beer a try.

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