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"May Day" holiday marketing: misunderstanding - goal - Method

"May Day" holiday marketing: misunderstanding - goal - Method

April 30, 2015

[China paint information] the "May Day" holiday is coming. Some coating enterprises are ready to do a big job, while others have no news. It can be seen that the once hot and unstoppable holiday marketing of the coating industry has also reached a "bottleneck period". In recent years, affected by the real estate industry, the household building materials industry has an obvious downward trend, and the coating industry is not as prosperous as it was in the past. In the past, every holiday was the "place of war" for coating enterprises, and they can always hold out topics and take advantage of the momentum to promote; Since last year, home building materials and coating enterprises and their dealers have begun to be "indifferent" to the so-called holiday promotion. In fact, they are more powerless. If the promotion can not bring benefits and lose energy, it would be better not to do it. However, for enterprises and dealers in the coating industry, under the current market environment, holidays are more like "chicken ribs", which are tasteless to eat and a pity to abandon

but holiday marketing is not useless. At best, it can at least improve brand awareness and influence. For example, this year's may day, Germany pinhe paint and Finland Fenlin paint have been fully prepared. Pinhe paint has jointly launched the "everyone to help cut" activity with Tencent Youju platform during the May Day holiday. As long as you share with your friends and invite them to help cut prices, you can buy goods at the lowest price of 1 yuan; At the same time, we carried out polite activities on Weibo and accumulated popularity for holiday promotions in advance. Fenlin lacquer's official turntable activity and gift giving activities are also in full swing, and its popularity is only increasing. And the domestic Zhuang Dian paint also launched a May Day discount gift. In its terminal stores, it can not only enjoy discounts, but also give away small household appliances

since the plan to carry out holiday marketing is to do the best, and in the same way of promotion, the most difficult is innovation and creativity. This kind of difference that coating enterprises dream of. Xinda's original intention to focus on promoting biological materials and biological matrix composites is not just to occupy the highland of new material innovation. In fact, it is not mysterious, Now let's take a look at the "May Day" marketing tips for everyone and the misunderstandings that need to be carefully avoided

1. Differentiated marketing during the "May Day" holiday: the right time, the right place and the right people in marketing are nothing more than the market environment, the support and cooperation of dealers, paint store salesmen, customer psychological skills, etc., but these should focus on one foundation, that is, paint products, that is, the protagonist of holiday marketing. Paint brands want to stand out in the promotion of the May Day holiday, It is inevitable to pay attention to what products consumers need. Products with high cost performance will always be welcomed. As for the current situation, environmental protection and personalized painting are also factors that consumers will consider investment

in addition, when formulating the May Day marketing plan, coating enterprises or dealers must first think clearly about the goal of this activity, whether to focus on improving sales or promoting products. Different promotion goals have different ways to choose. When focusing on improving sales, it is best to bundle the best-selling products for promotion, in the form of cash rewards, matching gifts, cumulative purchase rewards, etc, In fact, it is to reduce the product price in the stage. If you want to promote key products, you should use the method of promoting the sales link. Don't use the way of matching promotional products with gifts. You can use cumulative sales awards for the sales link to distribute meaningful and interesting souvenirs to consumers, so that the products can be recognized, recognized and liked by consumers through various ways as soon as possible

1. Tianshi

the "Tianshi" here is the May Day holiday. Although the holiday promotion in the paint industry has not returned to its former style, the utilization of plastic has exceeded 50% of the total amount of food packaging materials. It is a good time to improve sales and brand influence. With the advent of the small and long holiday, white-collar workers who are ready to decorate but work hard on weekdays also go out of their homes and choose paint and other decoration items, In addition, if the paint brand gives certain promotion and profits, it will greatly stimulate the purchase desire of consumers, and the current is also the peak decoration season. Therefore, it is not too much to say that the May Day holiday is the "time of day" of the paint industry

2. Geographical advantage

China has a vast territory, and the paint market environment in different regions is different. In some developed regions, there are many paint manufacturers, rich paint brands, and more choices for consumers. Therefore, relying on the advantages of technology, service, personalization and so on, it is easier to stand out; There are also areas with underdeveloped coating industry, where there are few coating brands, and consumers have little awareness and requirements in this field. At this time, advertising and "price war" can achieve better results When it comes to specific marketing methods, it also depends on the influence of paint brands in the local area, consumer awareness and purchasing power

3. In the May Day holiday marketing of Renhe

paint brands, the "Renhe" factor plays an important role. After all, consumers are the ones who finally decide to buy products. As mentioned earlier, consumers like products with high cost performance, so they can choose one or several products with high cost performance to promote during holidays. Of course, for consumers with high requirements, environmental protection and personalization are more important. Now Tu enterprises are talking about environmental protection transformation, launching environmental protection products one after another. The May Day holiday is coming, and it is time to push the achievements of these transformations to consumers for testing; As for personalization, service and painting are links that cannot be ignored. Young consumers like DIY paint, and they pursue colorful youth. Without such representative products and services, they may lose consumers of this age group

but "Renhe" not only refers to consumers, it also needs the support and cooperation of dealers. The preferential policies given by paint manufacturers are lost land, and the salesperson of paint stores need to have a good professional level. The sales of paint is not the same as the sales of TV sets. It can be displayed directly, and it is also different from the sales of food and beverages. You can try it. Once the customer has the intention to buy, the salesperson has the obligation to inform the coating methods, precautions, and relevant preparations and emergency treatment measures, such as the wall treatment of secondary coating, how to deal with paint blistering, how to deal with paint pinholes

II. Preparation for "May Day" holiday marketing: avoid falling into marketing misunderstandings

paint brands usually fall into confusion when carrying out holiday promotional activities, including a lack of clear understanding of promotional objectives and targeted consumer groups. The following misunderstandings need to be avoided:

1 Price war ≠ price reduction and promotion

as we all know, one of the main means and methods of festival marketing is "price reduction and promotion", and advertising and promotion are carried out around price. However, many enterprises rigidly believe that price reduction and promotion is a big "price war", focusing on how to reduce commodity prices, and the result is often to lose money at best. In fact, in holiday marketing, the promotion and profit making of manufacturers and merchants is the second, and the promotion of products is the most important. If you do not give guidance, consumers will not pay attention to the products you want to promote, and discounts are what they want

2. Make profits ≠ blind discounts

after the holiday promotion period, paint manufacturers and merchants often reflect on why the promotion cost is high, the promotion range is not small, and the prizes are also distributed. Why is the effect not obvious? This is likely to be that the marketing method is not targeted at potential consumers, sending preferential news and benefits to ordinary "passers-by", but consumers who really want to buy paint know nothing about it. Therefore, paint brands must analyze their target customers and work out marketing plans that can attract them during holiday promotions

3. Experiential marketing avoids giving consideration to one thing and losing the other

now paint stores are also paying more and more attention to the experience of consumers. They will provide consumers with as real an experience as possible in terms of product quality, color, presentation effect, etc. of paint, but sometimes they make a mess because of lack of preparation and experience, which makes consumers who really want to buy products in the store confused and mistakenly think that this is a store with disordered management, Naturally, you will not have a good impression of paint brands. Therefore, experiential marketing without unprepared war is a marketing disaster that needs to be avoided because of the big loss and the small loss

third, "May Day" holiday marketing: how to hit the target directly

after talking about marketing mistakes, we should suit the remedy to the case in practice and let the target consumers "come to the bowl":

1 Jump out of the vicious circle of "price war"

How can we carry out "festival marketing" to the end? It is important not to equate festival marketing simply with "price reduction and promotion", but to plan and prepare systematically and comprehensively from the overall situation. Without the support of products that can impress consumers, festival marketing will be like a tree without roots and water without source. Global coatings understands that products that can impress the nerves of most consumers on specific festivals generally have "holiday" selling points. Therefore, manufacturers with ability and foresight will always make bold innovations for specific festivals, study and tap consumers' holiday consumer psychology and behavior, the actual needs of the holiday market and the characteristics of related products, and formulate effective travel plans with holiday characteristics Adapt to the product mix strategy of festival marketing, so as to find another way, seize the first opportunity, and smoothly open the festival market channel

2. It is not difficult to experience "win" sales

in holiday marketing activities, coating enterprises should focus on the excavation and stimulation of consumers' "experience needs". As early as before the holiday, the enterprise should organize dealers to carry out relevant training for the promotion personnel of front-line terminals, open up activity areas at the promotion site, create a consumption life scene, and let consumers quickly enter the role and stimulate their desire to "experience" through professionally designed "scripts" and skilled guidance of promotion personnel

3. Emotion is a "gentle knife"

consumers' desire to buy during holidays is amplified. What they buy and consume is not just products on the material level, but emotions, culture, and even "beliefs" attached to products. This spiritual satisfaction will make the "use value" of products infinitely amplified in the minds of consumers, and they can often cultivate and retain loyal consumers imperceptibly, because, The products launched by merchants have become the material symbol of the emotion that consumers want to pursue and meet. When consuming, they often equate the emotional and psychological reactions of the products and the elongation of low carbon steel that can be calculated by the self pressing formula. Reaching this level, even the price increase can continue to sell miracles

4. Book in advance to "warm up"

although the "May Day" holiday is the first three days of May, many paint brands have advanced their promotional activities to the end of April. The above-mentioned pinhe paint, Fenlin paint and Zhuang Dian paint are all like this. "Hot market" activities not only divert the upcoming promotional peak, but also give consumers more time to consider options, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone

5. Network marketing is essential

and holiday camp in previous years

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