Application of Yonghong PLC in deep hole drilling

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About the application of Yonghong PLC in deep hole drilling machine

Chinese Abstract: This paper details the application of Yonghong PLC in replacing the original NC deep hole drilling machine, especially servo positioning and communication

key words: Yonghong PLC high-function host human-machine interface servo system frequency converter

abstract: this paper described in the original and fat FBS PLC control instead of the deep hole drilling, especially the servo positioning and communication

key words: FBS PLC, HMI, servo system, frequency converter

I. project introduction

1 The project is located in Shenzhen Shajing entrepreneurial industrial zone and is developed by Jetta machinery company. Customers are mainly engaged in equipment transformation and non-standard equipment design

1.1 introduction to CNC three coordinate deep hole drilling machine:

it is processed by external chip removal method (gun drilling method). It is suitable for deep hole machining of steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals and other materials. The vertical lifting, horizontal translation and drill pipe feeding of the workbench are all controlled by numerical control. It can process box, shaft and special-shaped parts, with a wide range of processing parts. It is widely used in the processing of molds, auto parts and mining machinery industry

2. Brief process flow of the project (as shown in the following figure):

3. action description

3.31 each workpiece will have an uncertain number of holes, and the hole spacing of each hole is different

3.32 after each drilling, it is necessary to return to the original point for the next drilling

3.33 the number of workpieces placed each time will be different

II. Composition of control system

1 The programmable controller part

Yonghong fbs-40mct+fbs-cb5 is composed of switching value, position control, frequency converter communication control and process control of the whole machine, and monitors the state of the machine

2. Human computer interaction interface:

adopt Haitaike touch screen to communicate with Yonghong PLC to complete the display and setting of processing process and process parameters

3. Executive part:

the Japanese shinko servo motor is used to realize the stepless feeding and precise positioning of drill pipe cutters

4. Communication part:

port2 communication port of Yonghong PLC is connected with RS485 of frequency converter and communicates with Modbus protocol to realize stepless speed regulation control of spindle

5. The hardware block diagram is as follows:

III. the control system completes the function

1. Software design

2 Function description

2.1 start up and enter the panel operation screen. Select manual operation to manually operate the corresponding items

2.2 start up and enter the panel operation screen. Select full automatic operation. When the conditions are met, press the start button again to realize automatic operation

2.3 considering that the drill pipe is easy to break and expensive, the functionality of the numerical film can also be obtained by taking appropriate additives. When inputting, it must be in the shutdown state and in the manual state, and it cannot be dynamically changed, and after inputting, it must press the OK key to enter work

2.4 during automatic operation, the x-axis must be at the origin to start the viscosity of 0.38dl/g, otherwise it will not act

3. positioning function and communication description

3.1 overview of the homing program

Yonghong PLC adopts the special instruction for homing in the format of command table (f140+f141 instruction), which makes it clear to the user at a glance. As follows:

3.11 program description:

3.12 command table description:

Figure 5 (f140) instruction

Figure 5 (f141)

3.2 it is necessary to realize the speed adjustment at each position. Because the drilling depth is different, its speed needs to be adjusted accordingly, otherwise the drill pipe is easy to break. Yonghong PLC supports convenient instructions for NC positioning, and all of them are in the form of command tables, so the positioning program is intuitive and readable, greatly reducing the workload of programming and debugging. As shown in the figure below:

3.3 pulse control sequence diagram:

3.4 communication part:

3.41 communication program:

3.42 command form description:

through RS485 hardware interface, PLC communicates with the frequency converter with Modbus protocol to control the drill pipe spindle to realize stepless speed regulation. Yonghong PLC has a special convenience instruction fun150 in Modbus communication M_ Bus also makes many parameters clear at a glance through the form of tables. The following table is the communication command table for reading and writing inverter data:

4 The modified deep hole drilling machine controlled by Yonghong PLC:

IV. project operation

due to high control accuracy, stable performance and good anti-interference, the machine tool has been highly praised by users after it is put into use. At present, it has been in service for half a year and has not been reported to have adverse conditions

v. application experience

in this example, the advantages of Yonghong PLC single machine with four axes are reflected. The pulse frequency of 200kHz can fully realize the rapid feed in the empty tool position. The simple and easy-to-use positioning instructions and convenient communication instructions are better than other brands, which greatly reduces the program development cycle and greatly reduces the customer system cost. (1) Mechanical resonance


1 Yonghong PLC user manual I and user manual ii Taiwan yonghongdian is also beneficial to the production of plastic film industry and the national sustainable development Machinery Co., Ltd

d-m frequency converter manual/Zhongda Diantong

3. Panasonic servo manual. (end)

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