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In May, the largest increase in large-size panel shipments was 11%

on June 20, 2013, the latest monthly shipment report of npddisplaysearch showed that after the low tide of shipments in January and February, the shipments of large-size panels (above 9) gradually recovered in March and April, and completed the largest single month shipment performance after 2013 in May, reaching 61.9m shipments, an increase of 11% over April

however, affected by the sluggish shipment of it panels, the overall shipment of large-size panels in May decreased slightly by 3% compared with the same period last year. LCD TV panel market demand continues to maintain a high level, with shipments of nearly 21million pieces, which is also the largest single month shipment performance this year; However, the LCD and laptop panel market fell. Although there was an increase from the trough of last month, compared with the same period last year, the shipment volume had varying degrees, such as oil leakage

tablet panel (5 and above) shipments continued to remain at a high level, reaching 23.4 million tablets in a single month in May, a slight decrease of 6% from 25 million tablets in April

it market panel shipments increased slightly this month as brand manufacturers prepared for the upcoming summer sales season. The shipments of traditional notebook computers and LCD panels were 17.7 million and 14.43 million respectively, both slightly higher than that in April; However, compared with the shipment in May 2012, the two decreased by 15% and 5% respectively, and the overall IT market demand decline trend is still very obvious

the market demand for LCD TV panels remains at a high level, with the shipment volume reaching 20.94 million pieces. What should we do after the market shipment in January and February? First, confirm whether the materials in this position can be treated with rust prevention. After the low tide, they will recover quickly and approach the high shipment level in the fourth quarter of last year; In addition to a 10% increase over April shipments, this month's shipments also increased by 13% over may 2012, indicating that although the LCD TV market is impacted by the withdrawal of energy-saving subsidies, medium - and long-term demand is still worth looking forward to

the tablet computer panel (5 and above) market continued to maintain a strong momentum of shipment. The shipment in May reached 23.4 million pieces, a decrease of 6% compared with April, but still maintained a high single month shipment level, and a significant increase of 105% compared with may 2012. 7 Tablet PC panel shipments in May continued to maintain the level of more than 10million pieces, reaching 10.47 million pieces, and continued to occupy nearly half of all Tablet PC panel shipments of 5 and above with a market share of 44.8%

7.8 ◆ the world's first inspection window 5 ipadmini panel shipments continued to fall this month, with 2.1 million pieces shipped. Tablet computer panel shipments of more than 9 inches continued to shrink, although the shipments increased by 19% compared with April, but decreased by 14% compared with may 2012. With 9 inches as the dividing line, the growth and decline of tablet panel shipments clearly reflects the development trend of the entire tablet panel market towards smaller sizes, more portable products, and more reliable products

After the low demand in the off-season of the first quarter, the shipment of small-scale product panels with a size of

9 and below also resumed its upward trend in May, with 168.56 million pieces shipped, an increase of 6% over April and 1% over the same period of the previous year

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